AMB Auditors & Consultors An on-line consulting firm specializing in French law, accounting and taxation that makes it easy for professionals and organizations to meet the legal requirements of doing business in France. PROFESSIONALS SERVING PROFESSIONALS...

Practice Areas

French legal investigations

Legal advice and documentary research, intended for professionals in the areas of law and accounting as well as for companies needing support in French law.

Legal information analysis

A service provided by our experts in documentary research in French law. We provide answers to your questions and concerns when facing any legal issue. We provide support to both consulting professionals and companies for any legal transactions or regulations required.

Corporate life

As experts in the creation and administration of French companies, we can assist in all company activities, from incorporation to dissolution and throughout the life of the company through our teams of competent professionals.


We will draft any civil, administrative or commercial agreement to suit your specific requirements, obligations and rights, guaranteeing that your company fulfills its obligation and benefits from any rights arising from French law. We also assist foreign professionals in support of their clients.

Accounting and management

Our team, who are experts in this field, offer you comprehensive assistance wherever we are called upon to act on your behalf, with our correspondents assisting you every step of the way. Our accounting and management department will work with you to avoid the difficulties associated with French regulations.


Our translators, who are specialist legal and financial translators, will translate any text, documents, agreements, statutes or minutes to ensure a full understanding of your local language.

About us...

AMB Auditors & Consultors has developed a new concept based on the accumulated experience of its founders of more than 25 years. This innovative new service is combined with a rigorous approach, based on trust and confidentiality, with the aim of defending the interests of your clients.


Assistance to professionals

To help you to support your clients better we can carry out detailed legal research and provide you with the legal documentation and information you may require for any legal issue you or your client may be facing. We can provide this to you in compliant legal and financial language. Also, if you are not a specialist in French law we can carry out a complete analysis of your specific case and provide you with complete text, policy or legal system. Wherever you are in the world, your office has an in-house French Law and Accounts department


Assistance to companies

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor inYou may already have your own legal department, but you need assistance in French law, accounting and taxation to develop or defend your interests in France. Working closely with your departments, we can assist with any issues you may have. This could be the creation, management or even cessation of a subsidiary, branch or establishment, or even assisting you in a conflict or negotiation. Wherever you are in the world, your office has an in-house French Law and Accounts department.

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