Accounting and Management

Accounting and Management

The specifics of each country require local expertise, which our professionals from each field can offer you, whatever the area relevant to you may be. AMB Auditors & Consultors offers an accounting department in which all areas of work are handled by our employees, each specialised in their fields.

France’s accounting standards are now closer than ever to those of other European countries, yet they retain certain specific differences related to the presentation of accounts and also to tax practices (opening and monitoring online tax accounts, tax payment, specifics around taxes payable, etc.).

At AMB Auditors & Consultors our expertise is a result of our accountants having practiced for 25 years, experts in all areas of business. Brought together into a single structure, creating perfect complementary offers depending on the issues encountered, we can offer you all of the support required in the areas of French accounting, tax, management.

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